LAMBDA-ville on Lake Zurich

A development with plenty of glass and light. The façades are characterised by quality, large-format Eternit claddings. An elegant atmosphere with beautiful views. The Feusi and Partner architects chose swissporLAMBDA Vento as the insulation material and system for the ventilated façades. The decisive factor was the slim, space-saving design of the façade with a target U-value of just 0.21 W/(m·K).


Vivaldi - four seasons lifestyle

At the Vivaldi development in Fehraltdorf, Zurich, everything is deluxe quality. The sheer size of the development and the individual design of each dwelling are as striking as the top quality finish and the exemplary thermal insulation.
Modern future-oriented living means not only good design but a CO2-optimised building. This means a major opportunity. Building materials nowadays not only have to perform flawlessly, but also show the best possible values in an overall ecological balance sheet, from manufacture through use to dismantling. The requirements of insulation materials are λD values that are as low as possible, compact design and ease of installation. In this demanding environment swisspor offers a wide range of products, systems and solutions, which benefit architects, planners, installers and developers equally.


Form Follows Function – high-tech for minus 60 degrees

Since spring 2008, when the ISA’s Princess Elisabeth Research Station was opened, there has been no need to freeze in the Antarctic. With our highly efficient insulation material swissporLAMBDA, they have taken a useful piece of Swiss workmanship with them, which will ensure the thermal insulation of the whole building shell in this demanding location. The thermal shell is made of 1574 individual swissporLAMBDA parts, cut to size by swisspor and delivered ready for assembly.


Bern Wankdorf

The ecological layout of the new Wankdorf stadium is as modern as it gets and satisfies present and future environmental requirements. Ecological and economic aspects are fortunately becoming ever more closely linked. It is well worth using a property more than once – it pays to use energy wisely and there are advantages in ensuring that the materials used will be capable of reclamation in the distant future. swisspor products provided efficient thermal insulation throughout the entire complex. Another highlight is the world’s largest stadium-integrated solar power station, built into the roof of the Wankdorf stadium. The electricity produced covers the annual power consumption of around 200 households.